Start the idea is an ideator or concept creation software application. It offers aspiring entrepreneurs the ability to make a rapid assessment of a new business idea. The system runs a series of tests for the idea, without the need to give away the details of the idea being considered by a potential investor.

The solution is a base metric to enable creative thinkers and investors to assess one ideas value and potential against another.

The innovation is in the creation of a world first idea measurement methodology that is linked to a commercial prospect.

There are a number of key factors that can prevent failure in a new business venture. This application provides critical proof points to enable a business concept to not only become a reality, but to become a successful business venture.

The end benefit will be available to anyone considering embarking on a new business venture. The hope is that every person that is told they are a dreamer will be able to back up their idea. Not only with passion, with some real world insight and experience from leading entrepreneurial members.

Giving anyone the ability to do something with his or her own idea.

There are more than 240,000 new companies set up per month in the United States alone. Statistics show us that less than 10% will make it in the first year and then a further 2.5% will last more than 10 years. A lot of the time the business operation does not suit the creator, this new application is a great way to make a real world assessment prior to entering into a new business venture.