Dan Cavalli has written hundreds of articles on business subjects. He is an entrepreneur, expert on small-business success, retail troubleshooter, and business strategist. An Author of the International selling book: ‘Blueprint for Making Millions’. *Australia’s newspaper “The Financial Review” called him one of Australia’s “Internet’s Untold Millionaires” and “Telecommunication Tycoons”.

He is aka “The $140 million man” because of his most noted success in business where he started his first national business with no money and built it to $140 million in 18 months. He has repeated similar results over the years and he now teaches people how he built and continues to build those businesses extraordinarily fast.

This is accredited to his unique, ‘commando like’ sales and marketing techniques outlined in his FREE ABC's of Success at: http://www.commandobusiness.com.  Thinking about Starting a business and want to know how: http://www.startingabusinessnow.com. Want to grow a small retail business fast: http://www.howtogrowasmallbusiness.com.  

*Australian newspaper the Financial Review's report about Australian Internet’s untold millionaires: http://www.commandobusiness.com/pdf/Financial_Review_of_Telco.pdf