‘Tri-Force Association’ launches with START MEDIA Ltd.

As thousands of businesses struggle to emerge from the depths of economic recession START MEDIA Ltd. is using the current crisis to pioneer a new way of working – ‘Tri-Force Association’.

The new company offers PR and Marketing strategy to suit even the smallest pocket.  It has pooled the talents of media professionals ‘Dan Foster’, ‘Nikki Murfitt’ and ‘Joy Grover’, capitalising on their freelance status and bringing them together for client projects in a venture never before seen in the business world called ‘Tri Force Association’.

The trio were quick to spot the rise of the freelancer and consultant’s role in today’s marketplace and were keen to take it a step further – continuing to work in their own specialist areas to keep up with a fast changing media world, but at the same time launching a company they guarantee will give clients value for money.

Dan managed multi-media campaign work for the BBC and CSV Media, Nikki is a regular writer for the Mail on Sunday (plus other national newspapers) and Joy was Head of Communications at the Telegraph Group.  They all have wide and established contacts in the print and broadcast media.

When they come together as START MEDIA Ltd. their seamless approach to clients is backed up by working to the tightest deadlines and doing the job in half the time it takes their rivals.  They all have cross-over experience and vital skills, which can be used individually or as a whole.

START MEDIA Ltd. has state-of-the-art production facilities and access to high-profile media trainers, but at the same time can keep costs lower than many conventional PR companies because they do not charge a retainer or administration costs and they work remotely.  

Director Dan Foster says: “The freelance market is expanding as work practices in the UK change and it has become a rich source of highly talented practitioners.  We wanted to go one step further and pool our skills by building a new company, but at the same time retaining the individual skills and contacts that made us successful freelancers in the first place.

“We believe that by working like this we can offer the most affordable PR and media training around without compromising the quality or reliability clients demand”.

“The idea that ‘three can become one’ with START MEDIA Ltd. will appeal to many companies who have been forced to cut in-house Marketing and Training Departments in the current crisis. They are often the first thing to go, but it’s fiercely competitive out there and visibility of brand will make the difference between riding the recession and sinking without trace - that’s where we can help”.