Mission Statement
Star Transcriptions is dedicated to provide full service, HIPAA compliant, high value and accuracy and rapid turnaround outsourced digital medical transcription service to doctors, healthcare professionals and hospitals in the United States. We assure both provider and patient confidentiality and deliver complete customer satisfaction by exceeding the AAMT (now AHDI) recommended guidelines.

Transcription Business Strategy
We achieve the high quality and excellence in performance by utilizing up-to-date communications, computers and software tools and technologies as well as employing highly trained and experienced medical transcriptionists at our facility and transcription partners who share our mission and commitments.

Transcription Business Approach
Our transcription partners are carefully selected after a thorough capabilities research followed by an on-site 21 element quality audit and successful completion of pilot test program. We continually monitor the performance by using quality and performance metrics specifically designed to meet our customers’ expectations.