The movement for product excellence was started by Cindy F. Solomon, Founder, Global Product Management Talk.

SUPA Product events are intended to be an opportunity for everyone who is passionate about product excellence, regardless of title, industry, or stage of growth, to come together to share, learn and talk about what it really takes to produce products that people love and how to build sustainable businesses and revenue streams based on product excellence.

Everyone is welcome to contribute their point of view, workshop their product dilemma, share their lessons learned in the process of shepherding products from idea to inception to build to launch and beyond.  We need a place where all perspectives and orientations of what the product requires are welcome. Everyone who sheds light on specific areas that are essential to product excellence are welcome to present and contribute to the conversation.

There is a lifecycle that every product, startup, idea and project passes through to be realized.  Focusing on where the product is in its lifecycle enables a conversation that brings us all together on what will serve the product most to arrive at product/market fit, sustain growth and generate revenue streams.

We welcome people from all disciplines and stages of product evolution:

UX professionals
Founders, funders, CEOs
Software developers
Product Marketers, Agile Marketers, Growth Hackers
Product managers
Community managers
Customer Support & Service
Content strategists
Business Analysts
Project managers
And anyone who loves to talk and think about products!

Come  share what you've learned and learn from others about the art AND discipline of all the facets involved in the process of breathing life into a product, managing actionable goals and producing scalable businesses...

We encourage open debate so the group can learn from us and each other. SUPA Product events may be led by a guest speaker or a panel of experts ideally representative of the local community.