Stave creates business enablement applications on the ServiceNow platform that aim to automate and digitize operational activities in Cyber Security, Procurement, and Supply Chain Asset Management.

Our Apps:

Cybersecurity Manager

Designed for federal government use, Stave Cybersecurity Manager is an operational compliance solution for NIST SP 800-37 Risk Management Framework (RMF). The software automates security and compliance workflows and provides guided step-by-step processes and a comprehensive System Security Package (SSP). This application allows Security Specialists consistent cybersecurity compliance to STIGS, IAVA, HBSS and other issues. It reduces the backlog of vulnerability patches and increases defensive posture against data breaches, information and security threats.


ProcurementPath provides an intuitive, easy-to-use system with guided workflows to enable self-service, automate procurement processes and action items, and provide end-to-end visibility. All to decrease the time to purchase and increase your organization’s efficiency and user satisfaction.

ProcurementPath provides a modern platform to digitalize your end-to-end procurement activities, including:

- Sourcing
- Contract Lifecycle Management
- Procurement
- Purchasing
- Payment Approvals
- Vendor Management
- Category and Spend Management

Keep procurement activities on track using a consumer-like experience to increase Procurement productivity. Requests, projects, tasks, approvals, key dates, contacts, and information are just a click away. ProcurementPath provides a procurement tailored experience, workflows, and reporting to automate procurement from everywhere.


From vehicles to tools, furniture to equipment, facilities and all the assets inside them, AssetPath is an easy to use management tool of physical assets life cycle across an organization from procurement, commissioning, maintenance, operations, replacement and decomissioning. Leave spreadsheets and paper forms behind and manage your assets with a secure, scalable and easy-to-use solution that improves efficiency and decreases operating costs.

Built on the best-in-class cloud-based ServiceNow platform, AssetPath streamlines asset operations. Workflows are flexible, configurable with drag-and-drop user interface, and multi step processes across may be automated across the platform. Data is extensible and user-focused. Self-service isn't just tied to a deck, but is fully mobile. AssetPath delivers.