When it comes to cleaning services San Diego, there is no shortage of companies available.  Some companies do good work, but have poor customer service.  Some vice versa.  Some are good at both, some of the time.  Stay Clean San Diego has built a business model to produce quality, consistently.  Both in terms of customer service, and actual service.
Many cleaning services also employee independent contractors for their staff.  Here at Stay Clean SD, we only employee in house staff, but always have job openings!  The reason for this is the consistency part.  Independent contractors are given the option to take the job or not. They also by law are allowed to perform the job in any manner they see fit.  Hence, being an independent contractor.  
Here at Stay Clean San Diego, we wanted to ensure that there were standards to work being performed.  Also standards with customer service.  We also want to build a strong loyal team, and reward that team for excellent service!  We don't care about saving a few extra dollars on payroll taxes and benefits.  Bottom line is, we want to deliver a consistently superior service!