Turner Safety Solutions,  LLC encompasses total protection and self defense for families, individuals, and business.
Susan Turner, the owner of Turner Safety Solutions opened the company in an effort to meet every imaginable need for safety.  Susan has worked in many different capacities such as a lifeguard, personal trainer, realtor,and still employed as a Registered Nurse. Susan the insight to help keep families safe.
The products are just a small part of what we are about.  Turner Safety is about giving away knowledge and empowerment.  The combined years of working in these fields has made Ms. Turner an expert in the field of self defense.  After years of working in the ER at Charity Hospital in New Orleans and Slidell Memorial Hospitals, working in ICU's throughout LA and traveling to many different states Susan has seen many innocent people and there families have there lives permanently altered due to circumstances that may have been avoided if the victim were more prepared.  This company has a vision to empower individuals and inform them and there families of the dangers that may lurk and the way to avoid them and defend yourself.  We also want to provide safety items which prevent accidents, such as pool alarms, door alarms, child safety kits.  We wish to see people happy, healthy and secure.  This is our vision and we stand by that vision.