Our Story

In 2007, while pregnant with her second child, Lisa Chin encountered a group of young girls (probably no older than 10-11 years of age) berating and taunting one of the girls in their group.  Upset by this incident, she decided to intervene.  At that moment, the girls scattered, except for the little girl.  

It was later discovered that the other girls were trying to “dare” her to steal something from the store.  She declined so the other girls were trying to teach her a lesson.

Talk about tough love and choosing your friends wisely.

Steal Breaker Group is the brainchild of Lisa Chin, with support and dedication of her husband Douglas.  As parents of small children living in a large metropolis like Los Angeles, they felt that similar incidences could easily happen to their own children.  How would they handle it and what would the consequences be for teen shoplifting?

Deciding to do more research on “shoplifting”, the results were alarming.  According to the National Association of Shoplifting Prevention, 86% of kids say they know other kids who shoplift, and many young people view shoplifting as just a harmless game with no consequences.  No consequences!  

Kids need to be aware that they could end up in jail for shoplifting, they could be flagged from attending a good college, it could affect them from getting a good job, literally follow them for years after the “simple” act of shoplifting.  So yes, it is very serious and kids and teens need to be aware of it.  Thus our message “Shoplifting is not cool!”™ was conceived.  

“We’re a small company with a high impact warning that discourages would be shoplifters, especially kids,” states Chin. “Thus our use of eye catching caricature displays, to dispense a stern warning for any would be shoplifters that ‘anyone could be a loss prevention agent and we could be anywhere’, so don’t even think about stealing from us.  It shows that the stores are Proactive with their loss prevention measures, yet shows a lighter side as well.”

Says Chin’s husband, “Yes, we offer very affordable loss prevention measures that any store can easily utilize.  But the core of the business is to empower our “future leaders” and lead them down the right path in life.  Thus, a portion of all profits will be given to a planned future charity that we are devising to educate young children between the 3rd and 6th grades that ‘Shoplifting is not cool!’™”

The planned future charity is designed to "TEST" our children, our future leaders.  Talk with your children, Educate them on values/core beliefs, Support their endeavors, Time for quality.

Help us "TEST" our children and show them the right path.  It's through our efforts that we can make a difference.  Which leads us to the "Group" part.  Anyone who wants to take part in this journey are an integral part of the "Group".  The original name was "Steal Breaker", but when friends and associates were consulted and their ideas developed, the name naturally developed toward "Steal Breaker Group" because others wanted to participate in being this "Group" to help spread the word "Shoplifting is not cool!™"

Do your children pass the TEST?™