Every day brings a new challenge. Every moment is full of possibilities, full of opportunities which might never present themselves again. You need to follow your own instincts – and be at the right place at the right time. The Stellent Fractional Yacht Ownership Program is built for this kind of life. So, where are you going next?

STELLENT, being synonymous with style, is a language which is understood all over the world. The world’s great cities are mirrors of the age we live in. Nowhere is the pace of life faster, nowhere do traditional values and the forces of innovation and dynamism coexist so closely. The surest method of maintaining a point of reference in this challenging environment is to express one’s own identity unequivocally – and to transcend events from a position of self-assurance. A Stellent Fractional Yacht Ownership Share allows you to do both in an exceptionally luxurious and incontestably stylish way.

Fractional Yacht ownership and the accompanying management program offered by STELLENT provides an ideal opportunity for personal leisure time spent with family and friends or companies to acquire an innovative, tax-efficient corporate asset for use as a marketing tool, prestigious incentive offering, corporate meetings, motivating and thanking your employees, introducing new initiatives, or perhaps just looking for a fun way to value your clients or simply as an exclusive get-away means for corporate executives.

STELLENT provides the finest turnkey fractional yacht ownership service for business or personal pleasure in California and Baja California Mexico waters. Our comprehensive management program is tailored to meet the personal, operational and financial goals of our clients, whether they own a tenth share or retain exclusive use of a yacht — resting assured that their valuable asset is entrusted to the experienced and expert hands of STELLENT while able to relax and enjoy the privileges of luxury yacht ownership without the burden of operational headaches and regulation compliance. Our ‘walk on walk off’ amenities allow us to prepare every detail behind the scenes providing our discerning clients the ability to enjoy elegant, memorable excursions for just the amount of time they have available to enjoy it while providing experiences that engage, entertain and inspire while onboard. What’s more, every time you cruise aboard your yacht, the logistics are arranged seamlessly by our luxury concierge team, captain and crew - allowing you to enjoy shopping, spas and fine dining at numerous costal ports, explore secluded islands and private beaches, snorkeling / scuba diving or an all out epic fishing adventure off the coast or kick back and soak up some sun, cruise from close-to-home, and relax like you're a million miles away!

Stellent’s Fractional Yacht Ownership program has the pleasure of serving some of America’s most successful and highest profile individuals and corporations. Be it executives, celebrities, families or groups of friends, we serve anyone who believes life is too short not to live it fully. Success at that level is consuming and comes at a high price, and we understand it is a rough personal road that leads to those heights of greatness; however, there is still an escape for those seeking tranquility and a transcendental state of spiritual well being. Hidden in plain sight, just outside densely packed Southern California offices, are sweeping views of the glistening Pacific Ocean, numerous coastal islands with secluded beaches and breath taking views along the coastline all the way down to Baja California Mexico.

In one word: FREEDOM; freedom from everything is oxygen for the soul!

Step aboard and you won’t just set sail … you’ll be moved.… Life is to short to wait!