STEM4Girls aims to instill a love for STEM in girls everywhere. Women are vastly underrepresented in STEM fields and this can only be changed by changing the attitudes young girls have towards STEM.

STEM4Girls works to bring fun, educational workshops and camps available garner the interest of young minds in the hopes that it will help them throughout their lives. At STEM4girls camps students learn about programming and, robotics, they are also able to learn various science concepts through hands-on demonstrations.

Currently STEM4Girls is working on two main programs

1.The STEM4Girls tutoring program aims to help girls find jobs as tutors so that they realize the value of STEM and can share it with younger children. In addition it provides a network of support so that tutors can take vacations without causing local tutoring centers any inconvenience

2. STEM4Girls is also running a camp that teaches middle school to high school girls coding, through  a project called Build-A-Baymax. Students will learn PHP, Python and how to operate Linux machines. The program begins Nov 3rd, for more information visit stem4girls.org/aspireit/