Founded in 2013, StemTek is a biotech startup entirely dedicated to cancer stem cell research and drug discovery. StemTek uses 3D cell based assay automated for HTS, allowing the company to test thousands of compounds that target cancer stem cells to stop spheroid formation. 3D cell culture systems allow for stronger, more efficient and reliable drug screening. StemTek collaborates with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to accelerate early stage drug screening to develop new anticancer therapies. The company develops Cell2Sphere, a scalable solution for High-throughput screening (HTS) and detection of phenotypic or genetic changes in cancer stem cells. With over thirty years combined experience in molecular and cellular oncology, StemTek’s goal is to find treatments that put an end to relapse. Join our fight @StemTekTher or for more information go to: www.stemtektherapeutics.com