Step Beyond Marketing is your virtual marketing director. I know you want to grow sales, but are not exactly sure what the solution looks like. I fix these problems, help you keep up to date on all your  social media networking and market your business to reach your target customers with fresh ideas and implementation.

What would you give to have one more hour in the day?

Your time is the most valuable asset for your business.

There is simply too much to do over the course of the day to keep the business running smoothly.

Most business owners are stretched to capacity.
Something has got to give and marketing usually falls by the wayside.

Every business has different needs and goals.
Let me help you attain yours.

By working together we can make your business a thriving success!

Today, 97% of consumers use the Internet to research products/services in their local area.

Studies show consumers use 7.9 different media sources for research before buying anything.  

This reinforces the value of great local content and local visibility in general.  

That speaks to the importance of being visible and up to date on various  channels– your own site, your blog, Google Maps, Citysearch, important industry sites and more.

Diversity of presence makes a big difference.