Dwelling for a while with Stephen P Brown – the maestro with a mission!!!
Stephen P Brown is not a magician, but a musician of repute who has two Global Music Awards to his credit. These awards however do not deter this fine gentleman from taking initiatives to reach millions globally. He is a true visionary leader of his time who believes in achieving greater heights and newer milestones through collaboration, and aims at achieving the common goal of sharing live classical music through the fine tuned techniques of conducting concerts.

Stephen P Brown – the saga:
Stephen is a British American conductor and composer. He heads the Dunedin Concert Band, the Richey Community Orchestra, and Sunfonia Chorale in the capacity of Director. He has a mission of learning and sharing the finest techniques of composing as well as conducting live classical music concerts through collaboration with professional, community and student performers. It is this desire in him that has swiftly gave birth to his #PsalmQuest.

Stephen actually creates win-win propositions for everyone contributing to his mission of composing 150 pieces of music by 2020. Whilst accomplishing this Herculean task, collaboration opportunities grow organically. Stephen himself is an accomplished musician who teaches musicians and audiences to hone their own skills. However, he is not averse to new ideas and thoughts, and composes in a collaborative manner. As such he takes the pursuit of composing 150 master pieces of music through the active collaboration of musicians around the world, which in turn contributes towards the goal of composing and conducting Best-in-class live music concerts.