In an ever changing financial climate, traditional investments continue to be the bedrock of many private client portfolios. However there are an increasing number of institutional and private investors who have identified the need to mitigate risk associated with traditional markets by diversifying into alternative investment sectors and asset classes.

The purpose of combining investments with low correlation is to provide greater diversification so that not everything in the portfolio moves in tandem. Because they tend to have lower correlation to stocks and negative correlation to bonds, alternatives can be an attractive diversifier. This can lead to additional insulation against market volatility, preserving the value of an investor's portfolio.

Sterling & Bond offers private investors the opportunity to access such markets and promote financial products that offer attractive returns over a one to five year period. These opportunities may not be traditionally be available through an IFA, stock broker or a retail bank.

Sterling & Bond has developed a global integrated network of investment product providers which are able to offer a diverse portfolio of high quality financial instruments to suit a diverse range of private investor appetites.

These include fixed income products, non correlated bonds, short and medium term structured products, SIPP approved products, medium to high return speculative investments.

Prior to Sterling & Bond promoting a product providers services we undertake comprehensive due diligence to ensure the provider and the product are of the highest integrity and are able to deliver on any guarantees, and investment performance to you, the investor.

Nonetheless, these products are usually traded in some form between banks and large financial institutions, we simply look to allow investors the chance to access the same instruments in a structure which is suited to a private client.

With a management team boasting over 30 years of expertise across a range of markets including, fund management, equities, pensions, accounting, alternative investments, and corporate finance, we believe we are perfectly positioned to deliver real value to the private investor marketplace.