Founded in 2007, Sterling Leaf Jewelry is a family run business with an unmistakable love for beautiful jewelry. Amongst the five of us, our roots in the jewelry trade run deep. My husband’s Grandparents, long since passed, were jewelers in the Dallas area for 20 years. My Mother currently makes some of the items you’ll see in our online store. For many years she has been making jewelry for friends and family, although her first true love is embroidery.
All of the jewelry on our site has been personally chosen, inspected and given our seal of approval before being included in our catalog. Our precious gemstones, unless otherwise stated, have been certified by one of two certification Institutions, the International Gemological Institute or the Gemological Institute of America. We do not sell, nor will we ever sell synthetic gemstones of any kind. You will however, find color enhanced diamonds on our site, but these too have been certified by one or the other aforementioned Institutions. Color enhanced diamonds are lower quality stones that are treated to cover up internal flaws. Fortunately, these enhanced stones allow someone to purchase a 1.0 Carat Weight at a very affordable price.
 Sterling Leaf has no corporate ties, nor will we solicit any. Our online shop has been built and will be maintained by myself and my husband; who was on the “internet” before there was a www prefix. So, when you read on our site that we value your privacy and do not share your information, you can believe it. Our mailing lists consist of customers, or friends of customers, to whom were sent an invitation to view our site.