When it comes to network marketing, there is one simple truth. And it’s true for EVERY company, regardless of their market or product. The one simple truth is this: You income is determined by the size of your team. Small team… Small money. Big team… BIG money! Some companies do pay better than others but this fact is true for EVERY company. So if the size of your team is the most important factor, in fact the ONLY factor that’s important, what do you think we should focus on first? Our team or the product that team will sell?
Of course if we can’t build a team, why even worry about what product that imaginary team would sell? Your team is your sales channel. That’s what we are all about at Own Your Channel. We think it’s critically important to start building a team BEFORE trying to sell a product. Not only that but we believe that since you built that team outside of any specific network marketing company, you now own that sales channel and should be able to use it for more than one product from more then one company. In other words, once you’ve built the team, why not earn money from multiple network marketing companies using the same team?
Where do you think Walmart would be today if they had spent all that money building stores and then decided to sell a single product from a single company?
That’s right… out of business. If the average network marketing company will pay you about $5 per month for each person on your team, the quickest way to get to $20 per month is to add additional products from other companies. That’s a heck of lot easier than quadrupling the number of people on your team. And because you only had to build your team or channel once, it didn’t take any more effort to build it for four companies than it did for one.
There are a couple of short videos explaining this business in detail. It’s literally changing the market.