Fine Art Street & Portraiture Photography.  

As a teen, Steve roamed the streets of Los Angeles searching for subject matter that captured his imagination.

The recurring theme and style in all of Steve’s work is the universal nature of the human spirit. 20th and 21st Century masters Bresson, Lartigue, Boubat, Doisneau, Siskind, and Robert Frank had a great influence on his style.

After college, Steve took a solo journey around the globe in 1978-79, which coincided with the “International Year of the Child.” The IYC was designated by UNESCO with an Executive Order by President Carter to bring attention to children’s rights.

Part of his vision for the trip was capturing images of innocence, curiosity and humor of kids from all over the world. Returning with a renewed spirit, (as well as a few foreign “parasites”), Steve published a photo essay, “Children of the World” in Petersen’s Photographic Magazine, December 79 issue.

After that he embarked on a new 35-year journey to raise a family, work in advertising, start a tech company and volunteer for social causes.

Recently a film director friend, after seeing his work said, “You are an artist, and no one will ever see your work if it stays in your closet.”

Steve went into his archives and curated this show, his first exhibition, “Children of the World” to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the IYC, in support of children’s causes.

Proceeds will be donated to children’s advocacy and special needs organizations.