Steven Cates is recognized as one of America's foremost authorities on the psychology of peak performance and change. Steven's highly entertaining, interactive style inspires, informs and empowers audiences to achieve optimal results personally and professionally. He imparts innovative strategies professionals can begin using immediately to stay ahead of the competition and thrive in the face of chaotic change.

During his extensive sales and management career, Steven set many personal sales records, ultimately becoming the leader in personal sales as well as the top sales manager in an organization of 30,000 sales people. He then went on to reach the top of a Fortune 500 corporation with annual sales exceeding $260 million.

The New York Times said, "He is a masterful interpreter of human behavior and peak performance." The Young Presidents Organization said, "One of the most outstanding speakers we've experienced."

Over the last 20 years, Steven Cates has delivered over 2,000 speeches and earned a reputation as a dynamic and compelling speaker. He motivates with substance, entertains with style and presents a message of lasting value to organizations such as Dell Computers, Bank of America, Prudential, and The Young Presidents Organization among others, helping those organizations and their people maximize productivity.

Og Mandino said, "Steven Cates is that rarity who has the unique ability to not only capture and hold an audience, but send it back into the world with a full awareness of the great potential that lies within us all. He's a winner and a sharer...that's a tough combination to top."

Steven's powerful message, engaging style and proven ability as a top platform professional guarantees a winning performance every time. You can count on it!