Steve's Quest is an animated musical web series that tells the tale of Steve, a young software engineer, and his struggles with work, love and getting a sci-fi novel published.  Steve reluctantly works at a “cubicle farm” software engineering job, only because of his obsession with lovely colleague Sabrina, and to support his hobby of writing cyberpunk-themed science fiction.  Setbacks on all of these fronts send Steve on an epic and amusing journey of self-discovery, through men’s support groups, online role-playing games, and even the cyberpunk universe of his own creation.

Steve’s Quest’s score employs a hard-rock style influenced by artists such as Queen and Rainbow, and rock-influenced Broadway composers like Tom Kitt and Jonathan Larson.  Episode 1’s cast includes Gina Breedlove, who appeared in the Broadway production of “The Lion King,” and Meredith DiMenna of Oh, Cassius! and St. Bernadette.