Sticks? Tripods? Bulky devices? Not anymore! No thanks!

Stick&Case is an innovative, patent pending, smartphone /tablet case that includes an extendable stick with a photo camera!

You want to take a selfie with your smartphone or tablet? Nothing could be simpler with Stick&Case!

You just need to select the "take a selfie" function of Stick&CaseApp to activate the miniaturized stick, extend it and have the incorporated photocamera ready to use.

You can check the image that will be captured on the screen of your smartphone or tablet, holding it comfortably in the hand and orienting the built-in camera.

Then, simply select "off" to fold the stick.

No cumbersome devices, no weight, no need to bring along other objects.

With Stick&Case you will always have with you everything you need for your selfies, in your phone or tablet!

Simple, funny, effective.

Stick&Case includes  a cable to be connected with your smartphone/ tablet, a Bluetooth connection and a dedecated app (Stick&CaseApp).

Currently, Stick&CaseApp  is a patent pending concept. We need your help to start the production of the first series.

Initially, we will start the production of the version for Iphone 5C, 5, 6, 6 Plus and for IPad.

Our patent also covers two other variants. The first one is a "stick photocamera", a hand-held device consisting of an extensible stick with a camera at the end, connected to the smartphone via Bluethooth.

The second is a native stick device integrated in the smartphone/ tablet. For this, we are looking for cfooperation with established smartphone/ tablet manufacturer.

We created an Indiegogo campaign (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/stick-case-take-your-selfies-with-your-phone-case/x/6566760) to finance the manufacturng of the first series.