Reach your full potential by using these insightful messages to help conquer your goals, overcome challenges, and follow your passions for success!

Each cube contains 275 sticky notes; each sheet with a different and unique message pre-printed on it! Stickyisms are designed to be used daily in the workplace, at home, or as a gift. Place them on your computer monitor, refrigerator, mirror, notebook, dresser, or anywhere else. Share them with friends, family and co-workers. Leave them anywhere and refer to them throughout the day.

Each unique message relates to a different topic including life, friendship, relationships, business, independence, and entrepreneurship. Not only are Stickyisms here to motivate and inspire, but they also give that extra confidence and determination to be our best selves. Additionally, each sheet incorporates a blank area to write your own notes and reminders. Great for office employees, teachers and students.

Whether you're looking for some motivation, a boost in confidence or just something fun, Stickyisms are sure to stick with you throughout the day! ...and anything you stick them to.