Stilettos and Sounds LLC was founded in 2005 as a boutique entertainment Public Relations firm with the vision of helping small businesses and individual clients leverage a variety of outlets to communicate their news to the public in a stylishly loud manner.  In the process of doing so, Stilettos and Sounds crafted personalized publicity and marketing efforts for artists, entertainers, urban brands, non–profit organizations, and small businesses allowing these companies for the first time to communicate their news directly to customers, prospects, analysts and the media.  

These are the philosophical guidelines for the Stilettos and Sounds activities:

Belief in the value of public relations and the message PR can deliver
Focus on best practices and standards
Encourage and promote the highest ethical behavior
Encourage innovation
Committed to building, defining, and stomping  the market
Helping clients meet the needs of the market
Helping to expand the brand integrity of our clients  
Promoting the common interests of our clients
Bridging the gap of Arts & Entertainment into the community