www.stinkinrich.net was established in August 15, 2009 in Virginia, USA.

The stinkin’ Rich Project is known as the free slots bonus spin generator on real video slot machine in US Casnos, and the founder of Stinkin’ Rich Project, Nanook published this secret book " the secrets of Stinkin’ Rich Slot Machine” which is the most popular video slot machine in US and Canada casinos.

Our site provides everything about Stinkin' Rich slot machine to the members, and currently, over 500 members are using SRP to generate KTR bonus with effective betting control in US and Canada.

To prove our system, we collect all winning pictures and reviews from our member, and post on our site. We also sharing new secrets with our members in SRP Masters Forum, which is members only forum.

Currently, there are three different versions of SRP available for new members.

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