The marketplace for Interior Designer services is shrinking because of consumer access to online products.  Clients question the relevance and value of an Interior Designer’s services.  In response to this limited demand for designers, Meryl Santopietro, founder of Stitches LLC., delivers the benefits of custom designs to clients without the high fees often associated with those services.

New York, NY January 24, 2010.  “For years, Interior Designers have billed by the hour for their services coupled with a surcharge on product purchases.  However, today’s economy has rendered this type of compensation obsolete. With a challenging 2009 behind us, it is time for this luxury market to examine their business practices” says Meryl Santopietro, a leader in the field of interior design.

“  Since design services deliver a significant value to the client, understanding how to communicate that relevance is essential. Client services that actively engage the client in this design experience represent the new benchmark for this industry.  Beautiful design can transform anyone’s surroundings, so more competitive pricing is certainly critical to our success in a customer-centric society,” according to Meryl Santopietro.

Since its founding in 2009, clients have responded enthusiastically to Stitches LLC, and have made this savvy window treatment business a success story;  while praising its vast resources, truly affordable pricing and amazing quality.

Meryl adds that “With more than twenty years in the field of Interior Design, I know that the greatest design impact in a client’s home is always achieved through the introduction of window treatments.  The innovative concept of custom window treatments created by a talented designer who guides clients through the selection of fabrics and window treatments – all at a reasonable price - reflects the passion and creativity that are the hallmarks of my firm.”