Our site was created by parents for parents who are looking to clothe their family with quality consigned clothing on a budget. We spend a tremendous amount of time shuttling our children around, taking care of our home, being tutors and of course working in between!
At Stitchswitch, there is no money traded between members. Your items are listed for Tokens or “cyber-money” so to speak.  Tokens have no actual value, but only represent what the value of the item is if purchased at a consignment store/shop. For example, a boy’s shirt at a consignment shop may sell for $9. Here, that same shirt may be listed for 9 Tokens. Each user has a bank in which they either spend or accrue their tokens thru purchases or sales. When a sale is completed thru fixed price or auction, the buyer has the tokens deducted from their account and the seller receives them. The seller now can purchase items from other members that meet their need. In short, you just acquired a $9 dollar value shirt for the price of shipping. Score, YOU! Here’s something refreshing - the buyer pays the actual shipping. The U.S. Postal service has great rates on flat rate shipping with easy online shipping and convenience. Most items will fit in a USPS Flat rate envelope, which ships for $4.95 anywhere in the US. The buyer creates a shipping label (specific to agreed ship date) and emails the shipping label to the seller. You can even schedule the pickup with your regular postal carrier online. Best of all, they will mail you all the packaging for your future shipments for free, right to your front door.