Bet on stocks with Bitcoin at StockBet.com

StockBet’s Bullbear game allows players to debate, banter, compete with friends and share a laugh. Social competition elevates the excitement and fun of betting. Millions of bulls and bears debate and banter about stocks on message boards every day. They challenge each other to bets but lacked a forum to carry out these bets. StockBet™ provides one.

More and more companies are becoming global brands like Google, Apple and Microsoft. These names are recognizable by billions around the world. Many have bullish and bearish sentiments regarding these companies but have never been able to place a bet on their outcome. StockBet™ has changed that.

For more information about StockBet.com, to contact us or to bet on a stock, visit: http://StockBet.com. North Americans can play the free game.