StockIdeas.org is an online website design to educate and inform individual and self-directed investors. Stockdeas.org is not an advisory service. Instead, StockIdeas.org provides helpful free and premium resources to individual investors so they can educate themselves as to how to improve their stock market decision making. The website features a wide array of multimedia content that is provided uniquely by the author of StockIdeas.org as well as other third-party resources that we've found to be helpful to individual invsetors looking to extract profit from the stock market on a consistent basis.

StockIdeas.org consists primarily of a blog that features in-demand topics around the category of investment decision making and investing strategies. The website is also focused on reconciling these value-based investing approaches with modern day swing trading tactics. This blended fundamental and technical approach gives individual investors conviction in their trading decsions. This approach is featured prominently in our free mini-ebook "The Intelligent Swing Trader."

In addition to the blog, StockIdeas.org also provides a free email newsletter service to readers who have downloaded The Intelligent Swing Trader mini-ebook. Emails are sent once a week and include tips, tactics and tools to help individual investors educate themselves about their investing options. These resources include book reviews, recommendations of other information providers and invitations to ask questions and share concerns.

Finally, StockIdeas.org also has a premium stock pick newsletter. This premium service offers real-time in-depth investment analysis for subscribers. Whereas all of the content on StockIdeas.org is educational, the premium service is also designed to be actionable given the immediate focus of the content.

Using the information channels above StockIdeas.org serves to educate individual investors so they can make intelligent and informed investing and trading decisions. The information and knowledge shared on StockIdeas.org can be applied for shorter-term swing traders and long term fundamental investors alike. StockIdeas.org does not claim to be an advisory service and none of the information provided is a recommendation to make any transaction with any security.

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