NBA Athlete Jarnell Stokes Scores a Win with Launch of Health, Wellness, Supplement and Apparel Company

On August 1, 2019, American National Basketball Association Player, Jarnell Stokes tipped thev ball into the net of the Health and Fitness Nutrition industry, and is winning big with the launch of his new website stokedsuperfoods.com.

Jarnell Stokes, a world-class athlete, wellness advocate, and NBA player is dedicating his life off the court to educating and inspiring populations across the world by turning the tables on mental health & wellness. Jarnell and the Stoked Superfoods Team, through dedicated research and scientific and holistic medical studies, have taken the opportunity with the passing of the “Farm Bill” to formulate a proprietary line of hemp infused products, now
available to the public through his new website.

“I am super STOKED to announce the launch of my new website for the Stoked Superfoods wellness brand,” Jarnell states. “As a professional athlete, entrepreneur and philanthropist, I feel it's my absolute duty to give more to the world than what was given to me. I am dedicated to bringing the most trustworthy, healing superfoods, supplements and hemp oil to athletes
and the health and fitness industry, educating those who value quality,” Stokes continues. “In collaboration with Perfect Edge Botanicals, a South Florida-based hemp manufacturer, and one of the only manufacturers whose facility is 100% certified organic, and is ISO 9001 Certified, consumers who purchase the Stoked Super Foods brand can rest assured knowing
they are using a product that is top of the line,” mentions Beth Silverberg, Stoked Super Foods Managing Director. “In a market that is becoming increasingly saturated with claims of products infused with hemp, the Stoked Super Foods brand has set the bar,” Silverberg adds.

Future plans for Stoked Super Foods include an apparel line, celebrity and influencer educational podcast, superfoods containing turmeric, certified organic hemp-infused honey, and more. Stokedsuperfoods.com offers a variety of curated superfoods, nutritional supplements and hemp oils including Hemp Oil Tincture, 1000mg; Hemp Oil Tincture,1500mg; Hemp Oil Topical Cream, and a wide selection of hemp infused and derived products.

About Stoked Superfoods: We are a raw supplement health, wellness, and mindfulness company that features high-grade hemp botanicals. We provide 100% natural, organically grown, industrial hemp oil that is sourced, processed, and packaged by our industry-leading partner, Master Industries, Inc. Our product is sourced and manufactured ISO 9001 certified, and is created for use in an extensive array of products with significant and promising health benefits to the emerging and rapidly expanding hemp natural products and supplements markets. The recent identification of cannabinoid receptors in humans and all mammals have created a significant demand for industrial hemp derived products. The World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) removed Cannabidiol as a prohibited substance for the use by competitive athletes; this opens a tremendous opportunity for the expansion into the sports medicine market. For more information, go to www.stokedsuperfoods.com, or email beth@stokedsuperfoods.com.
For Media inquiries or interview opportunities, contact Beth R. Silverberg - 305-725-3615.