For almost 10 years, Stone 2 Furniture® has been invited into hundreds of homes to create beautiful surroundings. It's our honor to share with you the finest outdoor furniture. Stone 2 Furniture® caters to consumers looking for unique and unusual furnishings for interior and exterior. Stone or Rock furniture has numerous benefits:

It's not going to blow away.
Long term durability
Maintenance free
Save money: No furniture cleaners, protectors,
replacement parts, replacement cushions or covers
It's not going to fade, peel or deteriorate
No assembly required
Impervious to all types of weather
Amazingly comfortable
Great conversation piece
Customize your pieces
All season furniture
Always Beautiful

Earth-Friendly stone furniture will enhance surroundings while standing the test of time. Stone furniture is a popular choice in outdoor furnishings because of its durability, low maintenance, beauty and comfort.

Stone 2 Furniture® has been handcrafting its line of furniture in the United States for for almost a decade with hundreds of satisfied customers all over the country. We have refined our designs and perfected our product using only the highest quality materials. The lifetime of stone furniture is unknown at this point, but we offer a lifetime guarantee.

We hope Stone 2 Furniture ® will become part of your family's legacy for generations to come. Celebrate our passion for beautiful furniture.