I’m Karen Ross. I created Stone Meadow Gallery as a small online business designed to sell high quality giclée prints and reproductions on canvas of my mom's original artwork. Since she was never interested in getting into the business of selling her art, I decided to do it for her.

It was not only a shame to just let all of my mother’s art go unseen and unappreciated, but it was a small business opportunity just waiting to be given a chance; and one that would benefit both myself and my mom.

Uniquely serene, often stunning and occasionally eccentric; the artwork consists of mostly landscape, seascape/coastal and still life impressionism, but also includes quite a few very interesting abstract and modern art pieces; as well as some that would be best defined as expressionism.  

The collection of artwork is unique from many other artists' work, in that, not only does it vary greatly in style and genres, but it was all done without any intent to ever sell it, or appeal to any specific style or taste.

My mom, Consuelo (Connie) Yznaga Davis has always painted purely for her own enjoyment and personal fulfillment. —And now, despite her long time reticence to share, she truly is delighted that all those years of creative expression will finally be seen by people (hopefully all over the world) who she may never even know.

Since my decision to reproduce and sell the artwork, my mom has been painting even more. However, while my mom is delighted about the idea of the artwork being sold, I have found that any promptings or suggestions while she is painting (as to what I think might make a piece possibly sell better) only inspires her dogged determination to take the painting in a direction more in line with whatever suits her mood. As it turns out though, it tends to be the sentiment driven qualities of her art that seems to be what appeals to people most.  

At this point, (the launching of the business) I have had over 75 pieces of my mom’s art professionally photographed in high resolution “digital image capture” format, in order to sell high quality giclée prints and reproductions of the artwork.

I am introducing my mom’s art for the first time in my new online gallery and store at: www.stonemeadowgallery.com; and I’m selling giclée prints on gallery wrapped canvases in both .75” thin canvases (which are ideal if you want to have your canvas framed), and 1.5” thick canvases (which look great hung without a frame).

Most of the original art is available; but since my mother wants nothing to do with the business end of it, the originals can be inquired about by contacting me directly via e-mail or through my website.

High quality fine art reproductions of my mom’s artwork is also available at: www.stonemeadowgallery.imagekind.com with more size options, high quality giclée paper prints and canvases; as well as online custom framing options.
The Stone Meadow Gallery Facebook page is at:
https://www.facebook.com/stonemeadowgallery  Please stop by and “like” the page to help me spread the word about my mom’s unique art.

My Mission: To share my mom’s artwork with the world; and in doing so, give my mom and her unique talent, creativity, vision and personal expressions a broader existence and presence in the world.

More specifically, I hope to give something back to her—and her life, after all she has done for me in mine.