Here at alignmentality, we believe that there's a better way for you to live your life.

After all...

"What's livin' if ya ain't alive?"

Our objective in life is to evolve to higher levels of creational free will, using a process called "conscious evolution".

The idea is that we can collectively stimulate planetary oneness through each individual's own "spiritual work ethic".

Alignmentality serves as the beacon of truth that illuminates your inner purpose, your divine inspiration, and your sense of belonging to the one-world consciousness.

Consider this website an online dojo for mind-training.

At you disposal are life experiments and quests that you can take in real life. These resources are designed with self improvement in mind, and the benefits are truly vast.

By taking action in using these materials as valuable tools, you will:

*Become Happier
*Improve Confidence and Self Esteem
*End Procrastination
*Explore Your Mind & Know Thyself
*Manifest Your Dreams
*Open Up To The World
*Understand The Laws of The Universe
*Learn Valuable Skills (e.g. primitive fire)
*Assert Your Goals
*Find Your Purpose, and...
*Enjoy Life!

All of the materials are designed to catalyze a deep, inner journey that's unique to every reader in a way that's fun, interesting, and effective.