At 1 Stop Wash, we follow an eco-friendly dry cleaning process that leaves your clothes feeling rejuvenated. We dry clean all sorts of items including suits, dresses, wedding dresses, jackets, curtains, cushion covers, rugs and bedspreads.

When you opt for a dry cleaning service at 1Stop Wash, you’re doing your bit for the environment too.

How’s that?

Well, for starters, our dry cleaning service is 100% eco-friendly. We use a naturally-sourced biodegradable cleaning solution that is kind both on your clothes and on the environment. We follow a process called wet cleaning, which uses on average 30% less water and 50% less energy compared to the traditional wash cycle followed by other dry cleaners.

Our automatic washers help control detergent dosage, drum rotation, water flow and temperature. They also automatically detect the moisture level in each garment, and continually optimise the wash cycle to create the best possible dry cleaning result possible.

1 Stop Wash does things differently. We really love clothes and we go beyond just dry cleaning clothes. We give them a new lease of life. Each garment we receive is different, and has to be handled differently. That’s why our dry cleaning machines can be tuned according to the type of fabric. Our dry cleaning process is a lot like home laundry, but of a much higher quality.

For the past ten years, we at 1 Stop Wash have been perfecting the art and science of dry cleaning. We also offer free pickup and drop in and around London. Our eco-friendly dry cleaning will keep your clothes in shape for longer. That’s our guarantee.