Stories In The Mail LLC is dedicated to helping parents, caregivers, and other mentors vitalize young minds by engaging our readers, educating through story, and strengthening family bonds through personalized letters written in the voices of heroes, heroines, and villains of legends & folklore and other historical tales.
Stories in the Mail welcomes you to our world.  Here, we partner with parents, caregivers and other mentors to vitalize young minds. Our goals are simple:

Engage:  Your child or other loved one will receive a wax-sealed envelope in the mail addressed directly to them.  Inside, a personalized letter written on timeless style paper from a hero or other character revealing tales of enchantment, travel, magic, and even love.

Educate:  Inspired by historical events – both written accounts as well as folklore passed down through generations of story telling – our chronicles stir the desire to learn, stimulate creativity, and spark curiosity by introducing the reader to worlds and cultures outside of their own

Strengthen family bonds:  Current research shows that reading aloud with your child helps to do just that – regardless of who does the reading.  We encourage adults to take a few minutes and participate with their children.  Engage in conversation.  See what results!