Storytelling transforms lives. Because of geography, economic uncertainty and family dysfunction teens often sacrifice education along with opportunity and hope. The Story Project overcomes these obstacles through our project-based, entertainment-arts curricula by empowering literacy and communication skills in kids while paving a path to a more fruitful and positive future.

The Story Project is a Los Angeles based 501c3 that is committed to building a stronger society by strengthening communication skills in kids through our after-school programs. We support at-risk students during the journey of finding their own voice, regardless of the odds. TSP promotes reading and literacy by empowering youth through an entertainment-arts, project-based curriculum while bridging mentors from the professional entertainment community with students in classrooms.

Think about it.  You enter a classroom only to find the writer of BIG FISH, WILLY WONKA, and CHARLIE’S ANGELS is the teacher.  On another occasion it’s a musician whose song you hummed only moments earlier while walking down the hallway.  How about that stunt coordinator who makes a living creating outlandish feats in order to make the impossible, possible?  I bet he has some stories.

We believe that every child has a story just waiting to be told and do our utmost to provide that path to their very own, “Once Upon a Time”.