Every year we sell many strategic reports to operators from all over the world and to some of the industry’s largest technology providers.

Every year we hold over 50 workshops at CxO level for operators on all continents. All our reports and workshops have one goal; to help our customers achieve success more quickly - we know how to spell success and the goal of our company is to help our customers be successful. Strand Consult is not interested in pleasing customers, or pleasing partners.

We are focused on how to be successful and create shareholder value, so we say things as they are - things that many others have difficulty admitting.

Strand Consult has never had any trouble in evaluating the mobile markets and showing the best way to create or maintain revenue and profits. Each new report we publish is part of a series of reports that together focus on the technological developments, the importance of distribution and which business models will have the most significance and success in the future marketplace.

We conduct surveys and publish reports on the development of both national and international markets for mobile products. The aim is to describe these markets in terms of their future potential and to provide our clients with the tools necessary to realise these potentials. A list and description of the reports is available at www.strandreports.com
Strand Consult is the supplier of some of the most sought after lecturers in the mobile world.

We frequently speak at a great number of the International mobile conferences about the mobile and media world and how they will develop in the future.