Strata Company combines technology and business intelligence to create and perfect business practices. What makes us different is that our experts not only utilize technology to the fullest extent, they ask the right questions and challenge your answers in order to fully understand your business. We are able to move from insights to results with dexterity, speed and impact.

We offer the following services:

- StrataTargets™ for Grocers - Integrated marketing programs that attract and retain loyal customers

- Smart digital printing that creates better response rates through targeted communications

- StrataPort® web portals that offer process-improvement web applications and collateral management

- Real-time customer tracking and increased response rates through PURL technology and micro web sites

- Targeted loyalty programs that strengthen customer relationships and win back lapsed customers

- State-of-the-art print technologies to enhance clinical trial data collection

- Full-service creative, design, fulfillment and production capabilities