Strategic Corporate Video is a Cleveland-based video production company that has helped numerous companies maximize profits, help train employees and customers, boost reputation, and spread brand awareness. Strategic Corporate Video has produced some of the biggest breakthrough videos from small mom-and-pop businesses to Fortune 500 companies. After founder, John Delserone, witnessed too many business videos not achieving their goals, he decided that he wanted to build a corporate video production company that was driven on results. With a background in marketing and a big disdain for watching companies throw away time, money, and resources, John brought on his Cousin, award-winning filmmaker David C. Snyder, as chief videographer. They've been making movies and videos since the tender ages of 9 and 12 using just a VHS camcorder. Starting with the infamous “Death Bigwheel” trilogy in 1990 all the way to David directing three feature films to date. Using their real world experience, where results rule…and crafting a system of meticulously capturing the RIGHT information, they now help hundreds of companies craft precision-engineered corporate videos that produce results.