in November 2004, Rosa Chang and Shervin Javadi founded Stratedigm, Inc., in Silicon Valley. Our company's goal is to exceed our customers’ needs by working directly with them, designing scalable flow cytometers with manufacturability and serviceability in mind, and integrating green processes at every level.

Our products and business strategy focus on reliability and sustainability, enabling our customers to upgrade easily and cost-effectively as their needs change. Furthermore, since Stratedigm products are built on proven technology and over a decade of experience in high-performance flow cytometry, we are able to offer our customers a full solution in a small, light-weight, bench-top package.

We believe that one of the greatest things about Stratedigm's flow cytometers is that they were designed primarily by scientists and engineers in open-forum discussions. The open communication between the design team and the user team yielded a unique product with numerous high-tech features and the sensitivity and resolution needed to run strenuous experiments. With rigorous engineering, manufacturing, and testing processes, it’s no surprise that the S1000 platform is the leader in performance, sensitivity and value.