Strategic Labor develops employee scheduling software that handles the most rigorous requirements. By optimizing employee schedules through automated workforce scheduling software, companies can reduce their labor costs, eliminate unnecessary overtime, and streamline business process. Schedulers can significantly reduce the amount of time they need to manage employee schedules, no matter how complex the requirements because the software's configurable rules engine does the heavy lifting.

When selecting workforce scheduling software for your enterprise, it is important that the companies you work with have a long-standing history of providing solutions for your specific type of industry. Various solutions come and go; therefore, longevity should be taken into consideration along with functionality.

Strategic Labor's employee scheduling software has been on the market for more than twenty years, serving casinos, energy companies, hospitals, transportation companies, prisons, hotels and manufacturing plants. Our software has evolved to include flexible, demand-based, forecast scheduling, schedule optimization, schedule modeling, leave management and labor analytics. All of these modules have been developed as a result of working directly with customers, determining and subsequently meeting today’s needs as well as predicting and addressing those of tomorrow.

Strategic Labor remains on the cutting-edge of research and development in the field of optimizing complex, employee scheduling. Future product releases will continue to focus on delivering tangible value to customers of all sizes in all industries. Meanwhile, we will continue to work tirelessly toward the fulfillment of our mission statement:

The first version of the Strategic Workforce Scheduler came on the market in 1988, marketed as the Timepoint application. It was a MS DOS application, and is still being used in some clients in the US. For the last twenty years the scheduling software has grown to incorporate client needs in the casino, healthcare, manufacturing, energy, transportation, and public sectors. Today, the software is a highly scalable, web-based application that schedules more than 100,000 employees on a daily basis in some of the largest companies in the world. Today, we offer the software on site, or in a Software as a Service model.

Is your company ready for a new workforce scheduling software solution? Labor costs make up a majority of companies’ operating expenses. Up till now, complex companies managed these resources through manual means such as pen & paper, Microsoft Excel, or by cobbling together several solutions. Software Solutions from Strategic Labor allows companies to significantly reduce labor costs by automating employee scheduling to the most critical tasks, and by reducing the overhead required to manage employee schedules on a day-to-day basis.

Advanced employee Scheduling is part of a comprehensive Human Capital Management deployment, which also includes HR, Payroll, and Time & Attendance. All of these systems help companies to save money and to pay people more accurately. However, only Strategic Workforce Scheduling can help companies to reduce the labor costs of the staff they already have in place. By the time an employee clocks in for a shift, the company is obligated to pay that person. The way to reduce costs significantly is to make sure that the person scheduled to clock in for a shift is both required and is the right employee. This can only be done through a more strategic approach to workforce scheduling. Software can be an ideal solution and Strategic Labor staff management software solutions can positively impact your productivity and your bottom line profits

The Strategic Workforce Scheduler (SWS) is the most robust and comprehensive employee scheduling software on the market. The customizable parameters can be configured to automate hundreds of thousands of schedule criteria. The system can be programmed to generate employee schedules based on factors such as:

   * Volume forecasts
   * Employee availability
   * Employee schedule preferences
   * Company and union rules
   * Best practices

All of these variables will be calculated automatically, producing employee schedules in seconds, rather than in hours. In complex companies with multiple divisions, our workforce scheduling software can be configured differently for each department, ensuring that the right employee is scheduled for the right job without fail.

In addition to providing world-class automation, the Strategic Workforce Scheduler® makes it easy to manage those inevitable, last-minute changes to the employee schedule. Our employee scheduling software will automatically find replacement employees when someone calls in sick and can even be integrated into the company’s messaging system so that management doesn’t have to waste time making dozens of phone calls.