NRG Connect lets you easily connect people to who they want to meet at conferences,
meetings and networking events. Improve the speed, relevance and effi ciency of
networking with our easy to use service. Great networking isn’t left to chance.

Create a unique, live networking event that relevantly matches attendees for
face-to-face meetings. NRG Connect takes each attendee’s preferences and does all
the work for you!

Each attendee creates a profile and ranks who they wish to meet based on industry,
job title or your customized categories. The process of planning individual
meetings and making the right matches is done automatically and easily.
On the day of the event, your attendees meet the people who matter to them by
following a personal networking itinerary from NRG Connect.

We Make Your Meetings Matter.

Save time and money by using NRG Connect to replace a complex and
time wasting process when done by hand.