Strategic Trading provides traders and investors with an outstanding education and powerful set of trading strategies. Its programs deliver a solid & practical market education for trading Stocks, Futures, Forex and Options. Our lead instructor, Dr. Keppler, brings an exceptional level of expertise and teaching experience to all of our programs.

Our courses are designed to simplify even the most complex of concepts. The Strategic Trading approach is a unique blend of market analysis and simple trading strategies that enable traders to make better decisions, manage positions, maximize profit, and limit risk exposure.

Using a building block approach, each program offers multi level modules that provide participants an opportunity to progressively learn new concepts and develop their strategic trading skills. Students are allowed to learn and progress at their own pace in a manner that is enjoyable, practical and customized to each individual's interest and investment goals.

Strategic Trading was founded by Dr. Keppler. Dr. Keppler holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Finance, an MBA and a PhD in Business. He has taught at the University Of Utah School Of Business, the University of California and the College of Notre Dame. He has been a business professor and a strategic trader for over twenty years.

Dr. Keppler has developed a variety of proprietary strategic trading systems and indicators. Utilizing his trading knowledge and educational expertise, he has designed and developed a number of strategic trading educational program. These simple and systematic programs help guide beginners, new traders and investors through the maze of financial markets. Dr. Keppler is nationally recognized for his unique and dynamic style of teaching; he thrives on interacting and coaching his students towards the path of financial freedom.