Stratlab Limited, is an established UK laboratory supply company specialising in analytical chemistry products.

Stratlab is based in March, Cambridgeshire, UK

Stratlab supply

  * high quality and
  * cost effective

laboratory products and chemicals to customers all around the world.

Products range from

  * low-cost disposables to
  * sophisticated analytical instrumentation.

Sales are to both end-users and to dealers in a network stretching from the Far East to Latin America.

Sales activity is in most sectors where analysis take place:

  *  pharmaceuticals
  *  biotech,
  *  food and beverage,
  *  environmental
  *  chemical/petrochemical.  

Stratlab’s competence lies in handling orders from comparatively low value to multi-million pound contracts.

Stratlab supplies dot-red® approved and dot-red®analytical brand products to end users and dealers.

Core product lines include:

Reference standards:

Stratlab is the sole UK agent for dot-red® approved Chem-Lab NIST traceable organic and inorganic reference standards for (but not limited to)
  *  ICP
  *  AAS
  *  IC
  *  GC
  *  HPLC calibration.

Analytical lamps:

Stratlab supplies the dot-red®analytical brand high quality, low cost Hollow Cathode and Deuterium analytical lamps for

  *  AAS
  *  UV/Vis
  *  HPLC detectors.


With a focus on HPLC / GC autosampler vials, Stratlab is the sole UK agent for WWG's high quality, low cost  dot-red® approved products.

Laboratory gas generators:

The dot-red®analytical brand are precision manufactured in Switzerland.  

The range include:
  *  Zero Maintenance Hydrogen generator and unique Combined Zero Air / Hydrogen generator
  *  Nitrogen
  *  Hydrogen
  *  Zero Air laboratory gas generators
  *  calibration gas diluters.

Generators are a cost effective and safe replacement for many applications traditionally supplied by bottled gas.

HPLC columns:

Materials from key manufacturers are included in the range.  

dot-red®analytical packed columns include:

  *  Hypersphere® (100% compatible with Thermo Hypersil®)
  *  Optimal®
  *  Spherisil® (100% compatible with Waters Spherisorb®) materials.  

Columns from GL Sciences (Inertsil) are also available as well as a range of special application HPLC columns.

HPLC solvents:

Stratlab supplies top quality low cost solvents for HPLC and other laboratory applications, including favourably price Acetonitrile.

GC columns:

Stratlab source routine and special application GC columns from a number of manufacturers, including Varian, Macherey-Nagel and Agilent.

Petrochemical and environmental methods:

Stratlab has the experience to supply all the equipment, consumables and reagents needed to set you up running a new method, or quickly find the exact

reagent or consumables you need for your existing method.

Analytical equipment and consumables:

Stratlab's range is extended to thousands of analytical products from absorption apparatus to water testing, and includes:

Balances: Stratlab supplies weighing equipment for all applications, whether it is analytical balances for the laboratory, precision balances for industry or

budget balances for education.

Filtration: Filter papers, in-line and syringe filters. For laboratory scale to scale up for industry.

pH meters:  Bench-top or portable, from a simple pH 'stick' to sophisticated combination meters

Other key lines include:

  *  General laboratory chemicals and reagents
  *  syringes and needles
  *  laboratory glass and plastic ware.

As well as these specialist products Stratlab does have a reputation for being able to source sometimes obscure products from across the chemistry and life

science fields quickly and at good prices.