The mission of Stratus Games is to produce games that can be easily learned and appreciated by both casual gamers and hobby game enthusiasts alike. Our games provide a harmonious balance of luck and strategy and are intended to unite, not alienate, new gamers to the world of board games and strategy card games.

At the same time, experienced gamers will appreciate the depth of our games, as they are not simply "roll and move" board games. They require thought and planning in order to make them engaging. Each game is built upon an expansible framework where official and unofficial optional rules can be added at will to introduce more complicated strategies for those who desire it.

Through the use of our games, we hope to bring friends and families together to interact and enjoy quality time with each other. There is nothing like the face-to-face interaction that table-top games provide, and we are dedicated to creating products that will encourage that interaction and provide a fun, unique experience every time they are played.