Our Mission here at Strauberry Studios is to create huggable “Buddies” and great children’s books in order to give back to our community by promoting the love of reading.

Our Studio was established in 1984, in San Diego, as a boutique greeting card company. In 1998 we moved to Seattle. Susan, the Studio’s founder, submitted artwork for a juried show at Mac World in 2009 and quickly became one of the featured artists. Stories grew from Susan’s artwork as the characters began to emerge and their voices to speak. Our first two books “Polar Bears Are Left Handed . . . Who Knew?” and “Once Upon a Flying Fish” featuring brightly colored full page illustrations went to press.

And with the addition of an expert seamstress, who just happened to be Susan’s best friend, the huggable, washable, polar fleece toys based on the characters from our books, known as “Buddies,” became a reality.