StreetOwl is a company that develops driving applications focused on enhancing the driving experience.

Our first application, StreetFlow, is a personal tour guide that instantly lets you see, hear and learn about what’s around you for any journey. Discover new points of interest along your route whether you’re commuting, on a family trip or away for business.  

StreetFlow (http://www.streetflow.net) instantly brings your journey to life through informative audio and captivating images based on your location and driving direction. StreetFlow saves time and eliminates the need for lots of research before heading to any destination.  

StreetFlow is built on of an open cloud-based platform that integrates with popular content sources such as Instagram, Wikipedia, Flickr and more. The application is free and available for iPhone users.

StreetOwl's new product,  currently in stealth mode, will focus on teen driving safety performance based on patented technology and algoritm development.

StreetOwl, Inc. located in Berkeley, California.