Stress Free Bride is a resource for inspired, but overwhelmed brides as they negotiate, plan and coordinate logistics -  tasks normally taken by a wedding planner.  We teach Do-It-Yourself brides the business end of wedding planning.

Through an A-Z blueprint for wedding planning we teach smart, independent brides money, time, and stress saving insider event planning secrets.  Brides learn from us through live events, webinars, online courses, and private coaching.

Why We Share Wedding Planning Secrets

Would you believe it all started with an episode of Judge Judy?

My husband and I were flipping through the channels when we landed on Judge Judy.  A stressed out young woman was suing her wedding planner. The planner, who was supposed to take care of all of the wedding details, charged the bride $1,400 for nothing more than a cake tasting and the name and number of a hairstylist that never showed up.

We couldn’t believe our ears. On top of everything, Judge Judy threw the case out!  Why?  Because the bride did not have a contract in place with the wedding planner. I so got angry at that hack wedding planner who took advantage of this unsuspecting bride. And I felt so sick for the bride.

As I was shaking my head in disbelief, my husband said to me, “Hey, why don’t you start sharing what you know with brides before they get into situations like this?” That afternoon the Stress Free Bride was born. With the Stress Free Bride I share with you everything I have learned over 20 years as an event planner.

So many wedding planning resources are focused on inspiration.  Its mostly about fashion, decor, style, food, and how to collaborate with friends and family about what inspires you.  What is missing is the “how to” that helps brides go beyond inspiration.