Denise J. Boisvert & Associates is dedicated to educating retirees and pre-retirees on the ever changing laws and strategies that are important to maintaining a healthy retirement portfolio.
Denise J. Boisvert & Associates has been providing their clients with trusted counsel and valuable financial solutions since 2001.  They offer an extensive menu of services to meet the needs of virtually any client at any stage of life by providing a multitude of insurance services and income planning solutions.  
Denise J. Boisvert & Associates has been able to show many tax-deferred annuity owners how to double the value of their annuities to their loved ones TAX-FREE with no additional investment on their part, and in many cases have saved them tens of thousands of dollars in taxes.
Denise J. Boisvert & Associates has extensive expertise in the areas of retirement income, fixed and indexed annuities, college funding, life insurance, and long term care insurance.  The firm is affiliated with a wide array of different carriers, allowing them the freedom to tailor individual plans to each clients specific needs and objectives, and their detail-oriented, risk-adverse approach has helped scores of valued clients enjoy the peace of mind they deserve.