His consulting firm, Entheos Consulting Group, has attracted a diverse range of clients including businesses, non-profits, actors and athletes. He has also mentored and worked with over 100 clients, helping them to create a relational experience with clients and customers, build teams that accomplish more with less conflict,  gain confidence in achieving their goals and, ultimately, increasing their company’s bottom line.

Ron’s relationship expertise helps clients experience dramatic results, such as:

Increased productivity among employees with proper motivation
Improved branding that captures customer attention.
Expanded relationships with current clients & customers
Strengthened leadership skills
Enhanced people skills to foster encouraging relationships
Increased confidence to achieve goals

Ron creates these results by showing clients how to consciously create effective relationships through answering the toughest relationship question that everyone should ask themselves – “What value can I create in each relationship I create or maintain?” His insights are easy to apply, yet transforming, for a wide range of issues, markets, and genres.

Highlights of the success that Ron creates for his clients include generating over $3,000,000 source capital for a growing business, helping small businesses redefine their brand identity in the marketplace, and transforming the reputation of organizations through leadership workshops, new branding campaigns, and marketing strategies.

Ron is the author of Wanting Eyes, Footprints Of My Soul, and his upcoming book Stretch Yourself, Create the Relationships You Deserve that is scheduled to be released on 21 December 2012, and which is considered the bible of relationships for companies of any industry. He is part of the expert panel for Motivational Speakers and a monthly contributor for SpeakerMatch’s newsletter, Behind The Podium. Ron is also a frequent speaker on relational marketing, branding, and leadership topics at conferences, workshops, events, and trade associations.

Ron’s background includes overs ten years’ experience consulting and coaching with organizations such as American Investors Network, Trump University, Nationwide Real Estate, and his own coaching and consulting business through Entheos Consulting Group.
When Ron isn’t coaching or consulting, he loves creating special moments with his family, connecting with friends, animals, weightlifting, traveling, reading, and stretching his own personal & spiritual transformation. He is a native of Florida who follows his passion and dream to live life defined only on his terms and loves being in service to others helping them stretch their relationship capital. They reside in Duluth, Georgia