Welcome to Strictly Bicycles, a full service shop in Fort Lee, New Jersey specializing in custom builds, repairs, and products for all your cycling needs.

Strictly Bicycles carries a large selection of road, triathlon, mountain, hybrid and children's bikes. Stop at our Benzel-Busch sponsored cafe before or after your ride for coffee, espresso, cappuccino, and Belgian waffles.

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In 2014, Nelson and Joanna Gutierrez will be in the bicycle retail industry 20 years. What started as a childhood passion has transformed into Strictly Bicycles, a successful, multimillion dollar business located on Hudson Terrace in Fort Lee, New Jersey on a road leading to 9W, arguably the most traveled route by cyclists in the northeast.

Gutierrez began cycling at the age of 14 and was cycling competitively by 15. He worked at a local bike shop in West New York, New Jersey to pay for race entry fees and eventually worked his way up into management.

He never had intentions of getting into the retail business, but when he realized a greater vision for the bike shop he managed, he decided to postpone college and saved money to open his own shop on Main Street in Fort Lee at the age of 19.

The “hole in the wall” brick and mortar location could not store many bicycles, but Gutierrez’s greater challenge was establishing capital inventory and business credit at such a young age. Gutierrez depended on his in-depth knowledge and personalized service to survive.

His wife, Joanna Gutierrez, who was his girlfriend at the time, worked as an office manager at a medical publishing firm to help support the bicycle business during the week, and helped at the shop on weekends while pregnant with their first son.

The Gutierrez family eventually opened a second location on Main Street, and it wasn’t until Lance Armstrong won his first Tour de France that Gutierrez witnessed a significant interest in high-end bikes from non-cyclists looking for fitness alternatives. He credits Armstrong for putting cycling on the mainstream map.

Due to the explosive growth, Gutierrez had to find a bigger retail space, and for two years kept his eye on the only location he would build the ideal store – Hudson Terrace – a strip of road traversed by thousands of cyclists daily from New York City via the George Washington Bridge, and New Jersey, en route to 9W.

Once the new location was up and running, Gutierrez was able to regain to his training and racing form, participating in several challenging events in 2013 including the 105-mile Gran Fondo New York and the Pinarello Gran Fondo, aka. La Pina Cycling Marathon, in Italy.

Strictly Bicycles is still growing after purchasing additional real estate next door to build offices for management, a new, more private fitting room, and an area to receive and transfer inventory to and from the store.

Gutierrez envisions Strictly Bicycles continuing its steady path to create a better shopping environment for consumers by dialing in on their needs, providing optimal customer service, and carrying the best cycling brands for road, triathlon, and mountain bikes.